Should I Use a Public Adjuster?

When we hear a term like public adjuster, we often assume it’s someone who provides an expensive, legal-based service that is simply off the table during a time of property damage and catastrophe. The problem is that many people not only don’t know what a public adjuster is, they also are unaware that the adjuster is paid out through the settlement after the claims case as been completed. It’s a win-win for all parties involved, and puts the individual in a much better leveraging point against insurance companies.

To look at the process a little deeper, we’ll first start off by explaining what is a public adjuster.

Public insurance adjusters are the only property loss professionals who work on behalf of the policyholders. Both individuals and businesses can hire public adjusters when they need assistance filing a claim, or feel that the insurance company is incorrectly handling their present claim. Unfortunately, it’s very common for an insurance company to payout the individual at a much lower rate than they rightfully deserve. By bringing in the public adjuster professional, individuals can levy up their claims and walk away with a much higher settlement than before.

Are they expensive?

This is the most common public adjuster misconception today. Most public adjusters will visit your property to view the loss free of charge to the policyholder. After determining the severity of the damage and whether or not an insurance claim is in order, they receive no payment until the settlement has been secured. And, though they receive a cut of the settlement, since public adjusters understand how to obtain maximum settlements, their payout is well worth it in the end.

How do public adjusters help me?

Public adjusters bring multiple areas of expertise and oversight with them to the insurance claims table. They are the experts when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and identifying rights to claims – and they’ll work on your behalf for the entire process.

Services they can provide include:

  • Filing claims

  • Adjusting claims

  • Identifying additional claims not previously discussed

  • Communicating with the insurance company

  • Offering up recommendations moving forward

Should I hire one?

The answer is a resounding yes. Anyone considering filing a property insurance claim should also think about hiring a public adjuster, especially if that claim is a high amount. As a policyholder, you have nothing to lose. The public adjuster won’t cost you anything out of pocket, but they will be by your side through the entire insurance process.

Even if your confident you know the exact amount of dollar value lost in your property damage, it’s always wise to have a second opinion. Much like lawyers are to lawsuits and doctors are to injuries, a public adjuster is the expert on filing your insurance claim. Don’t attempt to go up against an insurance company without one.

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