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Water damage is an unfortunate occurrence in a lot of homes across the country today. Between using it for the bathroom, showering, cooking, and laundry, it’s inevitable that a little water leaks out from the appliances onto the ground nearby. Every year, hundreds of thousands of claims are made, making it the most common type of property insurance claim today. All sorts of problems cause it, but the majority of them are a result of faulty plumbing and appliances that were installed improperly.


Water damage can create health hazards and many other dangers in the home, by causing the formation of mold, undermining the home structure, and inviting in a lot of unwanted pests. Because of these implications, it is recommended the homeowner take immediate action if water damage is noticed. When water creeps into places it’s not supposed to be, the damage can happen within minutes. The moisture can permanently stain floors and ceilings while leading to the growth of molds that can wreck the entire property.

Since water damage is hard to contain and even harder to prevent, we are encouraging everyone to thoroughly document the damage before they decide to either clean up the house or call in an expert. In order to pay out your claim, insurance companies will need to see clear and precise evidence of the initial damage. If you begin to move items, mop it up, or call in a professional before documentation, the insurance company can elect to reject your claim.


The way insurance companies work is that policyholders are responsible for providing the first-person evidence and necessary information to back up their claim of water damage. If this is your first time processing one with your insurance company, be extra careful not to miss a single detail. The companies will focus on these missed details and use them to avoid paying you.


If this sounds like a lot of pressure to you, do not worry. One solution would be to hire a public insurance adjuster. At Fast Settlement Claims, we’re equipped to provide you with professional insight and advice that keeps you on the good side of insurance claims. We can help you throughout the entire claims process and ensure you collect all of the necessary documentation for confirming a claim. We want you to receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

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